{ Monday, September 28, 2009 }

My very first time saying "Goodbye Malaysia & Hello Nottingham, UK."

I left my home country on September 17th with 4 luggages with me. One 32 inch of hard purple suitcase, 2 hand-carry luggages and 1 laptop bag. You must be wondering how am I able to carry all 4 of them by myself but yes I did carry all by myself. I have to. I had to push to my limits and ended up getting muscle pain and shoulder ache.

On the 17th, I only reached the University at 10 something at night. It was late and freezing cold. We stayed at Lenton Hall for 2 days. Lenton Hall has a classic cafeteria, similar to the one we see in the movie, Harry Potter. The first 2 days we toured around the main campus / University Park. I love the view here. It's green everywhere. It soothes the eye.

This is the Trent building.

Spot the clock tower? Is classic.

South building where most of my lecture will be there.

So called 'Sinking library'

Some mysterious mini garden in University Park. The history of this garden is yet to be found.

I will blog more in the next post. I can't put everything in a single post. That's all for now. Tata


luv-lee said...

it's nice there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

i like the spiral staircase! hehehe.

I'm Sierra / Su Wen said...

I haven get to walk up that spiral stairs yet.

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