Catching up

{ Thursday, October 29, 2009 }

I know I haven't been blogging for such a long time. You may think my blog may be dead.

Well, hello again!!!

To all my friends and to those who are worried, I am all better now. I am feeling so much better.My healthy body is finally back and I am so grateful for that. Thank you :-)
Finally a recovery for me. Yeah me !

Just a quick summary on my life here for the past few weeks.

1) I went to Alton Towers. Many of you must have known it already and seen the pictures in facebook. So just check them out there. The pictures will tell you the story on what I did there. Basically, rides.

2) I had Indian cuisine at Tamatanga. My 2nd dining out in restaurant for dinner.

3) Goose fair. Sat on 2 rides. One was the swing, similar to the one we had in Genting. The other one was bit more scary. We were in the air for minutes. It gives me the shock, but had lots of fun.

4) Went to Cardiff with Janefer. Wasted hours on the bus. Compare Cardiff with Nottingham, I still prefer Nottingham. Feel more like home, more warmth.

5) Walked to Beeston. At first wanting to go Sainsbury, ended up shopping at the little street (mini city).

6) Then, I was ill for 1 week.
{ Thursday, October 1, 2009 }
Rumble in the Jungle party.

I skipped this party out. Wasn't in the mood of going clubbing for this. I only went to Ocean last Monday. It's really crowded and so far everyone said that's the best night in week one. Lucky I went to the right party and miss out all the rests :-)

Stacy & Steve went. Pictures of them dressed up as tiger. So cute. They even painted their face. Putting lots of effort to match the theme for the night.

From left: Me, Stacy, Melissa, Bilal & Steve (kneeling down)

Steve, Me & Stacy

When they are out there partying, I was there chilling out having tea & biscuits
with my friend, Melissa.

{ Monday, September 28, 2009 }

My very first time saying "Goodbye Malaysia & Hello Nottingham, UK."

I left my home country on September 17th with 4 luggages with me. One 32 inch of hard purple suitcase, 2 hand-carry luggages and 1 laptop bag. You must be wondering how am I able to carry all 4 of them by myself but yes I did carry all by myself. I have to. I had to push to my limits and ended up getting muscle pain and shoulder ache.

On the 17th, I only reached the University at 10 something at night. It was late and freezing cold. We stayed at Lenton Hall for 2 days. Lenton Hall has a classic cafeteria, similar to the one we see in the movie, Harry Potter. The first 2 days we toured around the main campus / University Park. I love the view here. It's green everywhere. It soothes the eye.

This is the Trent building.

Spot the clock tower? Is classic.

South building where most of my lecture will be there.

So called 'Sinking library'

Some mysterious mini garden in University Park. The history of this garden is yet to be found.

I will blog more in the next post. I can't put everything in a single post. That's all for now. Tata
{ Wednesday, September 23, 2009 }
Greetings people. I am in Nottingham, UK right now. I have finally settled down.

Internet running smoothly.
Room all tidy.
Customize just a little bit to feel comfy & to feel like home.
Finish unpacking all my clothes and stuffs.
Bought my groceries.

I will update more soon. Pictures not much but coming soon.

Take care for now my friends. Don't worry about me. Life here is great & there're alot of them surrounding me taking care of each other (me included) !
{ Sunday, September 13, 2009 }
I can't believe how fast the time passes. Everything is not fully done yet. Still half way there. Doing everything last minute is stressful and in a rush. Hope I got everything I need.

4 days left
{ Thursday, September 10, 2009 }
Our long awaited night out has finally come true. We have been planning for this night since the start of summer, yet only get to fulfilled this wish after months of waiting. Doesn't matter it's rather a late get-to-gether, at least we get to hang out together as best friends once again :-)
We were all searching for a nice restaurant for dinner on the net. Finally, we ended up at 7atenine. It's nearby KLCC. 7atenine is in Ascott building itself. The environment is superb. Food was nice. Price..shocking !!!

Pictures of us taken at 7atenine

We hang out till midnight at 7atenine. Then, headed over to Kajang mamak. Sat there chit-chatted for hours about our past memories in high school till 4am. It is my very first time sitting at mamak for that long and till that late.

Slept over at Sk's house. Our yearly slumber party. Just the 4 of us :P
{ Friday, September 4, 2009 }
Best friends night out to Alexis, The Gardens for dinner and Delicious for desserts. After long weeks of planning to celebrate Sk very belated birthday, finally the day arrives. Although it's a month plus after her birthday, we have not forgotten about you after all. Sk was shocked when we gave her present. Sorry for being so late this year. Sadly, one of us was missing that night. San was too exhausted to join us after her vacation.

It's my 2nd time having dinner in Alexis. Thumbs-up for Alexis. The food was great. Is a must to try for those who haven't.

Raspberry soda for me & Ice chocolate for Jel and Sk. We ordered pizza, pasta & onion soup.

Some pictures in Alexis.

After dinner, we shop for a bit. Then, headed to Delicous for dessert.

Mango cheesecake. Bad & weird combination. Not my favourite. Taste bad to me :-(
Apple crumble pie. Taste good :-)

We'll call it a night.