{ Friday, September 4, 2009 }
Best friends night out to Alexis, The Gardens for dinner and Delicious for desserts. After long weeks of planning to celebrate Sk very belated birthday, finally the day arrives. Although it's a month plus after her birthday, we have not forgotten about you after all. Sk was shocked when we gave her present. Sorry for being so late this year. Sadly, one of us was missing that night. San was too exhausted to join us after her vacation.

It's my 2nd time having dinner in Alexis. Thumbs-up for Alexis. The food was great. Is a must to try for those who haven't.

Raspberry soda for me & Ice chocolate for Jel and Sk. We ordered pizza, pasta & onion soup.

Some pictures in Alexis.

After dinner, we shop for a bit. Then, headed to Delicous for dessert.

Mango cheesecake. Bad & weird combination. Not my favourite. Taste bad to me :-(
Apple crumble pie. Taste good :-)

We'll call it a night.


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