{ Thursday, September 10, 2009 }
Our long awaited night out has finally come true. We have been planning for this night since the start of summer, yet only get to fulfilled this wish after months of waiting. Doesn't matter it's rather a late get-to-gether, at least we get to hang out together as best friends once again :-)
We were all searching for a nice restaurant for dinner on the net. Finally, we ended up at 7atenine. It's nearby KLCC. 7atenine is in Ascott building itself. The environment is superb. Food was nice. Price..shocking !!!

Pictures of us taken at 7atenine

We hang out till midnight at 7atenine. Then, headed over to Kajang mamak. Sat there chit-chatted for hours about our past memories in high school till 4am. It is my very first time sitting at mamak for that long and till that late.

Slept over at Sk's house. Our yearly slumber party. Just the 4 of us :P


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